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Bodrum - Göcek (or vice versa)

The region between Bodrum and Göcek is very beautiful and it is highly recommended. This route has a good variety of ancient ruins/sites, small villages, coastal towns and hundreds of natural uninhabited bays and coves. This  route would provide a great variety of historical ancient sites like Knidos and Loryma, small villages like Mesudiye, Orhaniye, Selimiye small towns like Datça and Bozburun and bigger coastal towns of Bodrum and Marmaris. Above all there are hundreds of natural bays and islands en route where they can enjoy  swimming, snorkeling and enjoying the nature.
The main places on this itinerary are :
Bodrum : Beautiful town. Ancient Halicarnassos (Mausoleum - one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World, Myndos Gate, The castle of St. Peter - Museum of Under Water Archaeology exhibiting ancient ship wrecks, ancient theater are worth visiting). Lively night life, shopping, etc.
Black Island : Uninhabited naturally preserved island with beautiful bays.
Knidos : Ancient site. Excavations are still going on. One of the most important cities of ancient era. Famous with the statue of Aphrodite. The boat will anchor at the ancient harbor of Knidos right in front of the Roman Theater.
Gulf of Hisarönü : Various small villages and towns such as Datca, Selimiye, Bozburun. Hundreds of beautiful, secluded natural bays and coves.
Bozukkale : Ancient Loryma. Beautiful bay. The Hellenistic Citadel on top of the hill is fascinating with magnificent view of the bays and islands around.They can easily go to the citadel with their dinghy.
Fjords of Marmaris : Various bays such as Serçe, Kadırga, Arab Island, Cennet Islands.
Marmaris : Lively touristic coastal town. They can stay the night in Marmaris if they like to.
Ekincik/Caunos : Beautiful bay. From Ekincik, they can go to the ancient site of Caunos and Dalyan Town with local small boats through the natural water channels. The lake of Koycegiz is connected to the sea by these natural channels.
Gulf of Göcek : Natural islands (Tersane, Yassica, Domuz), beautiful natural bays.
Göcek : Yachting village with nice restaurants, cafes, shops.