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The most amazing holiday I ever had!! Thank you captain and the crew and beautiful Albina!! We'll definitely be back with all the boys and and co.
Have a wonderful season

    M. de Rivoire

Thanks to the captain and all the crew for this amazing week!!!
I hope to see you guys next year!
Take care!

    Gaspard de Rivoire 11.06.16

Hi Crew,
Many thanks for this amazing week in Bodrum Area. You were all wonderful and we all look forward to coming back soon.
All the best,

    Arthur de Rivoire

A wonderful cruise with a wonderful crew! Useless to say we had a wonderful time!!
Thanks to all the crew and our mother Albina!!

    Vincent Leveillé-Nizerolle

Thank you for this marvellous time, you all made our stay perfect! Hope to see you again on another trip!!!


Thanks to all this amazing crew!!! The cruise was wonderful!!!

    Juliette Konrad


3-9 October 2015
               Polish Group
Thank you for a wonderful time on Ulucinar!
Bodrum - Knidos - Mersincik - Cleopatra Island - Bodrum
Weather good, food good, crew very very good.

     Jerzy Donimirski

Everything was perferct. We love you all.

     Anita Wielopolska Fonfara

Thank you so much for wonderful service and time here in Turkey.
We will return for sure.
Great crew and great time.
Today is my wife Monika's birthday.

     Jacek Tarnowski, Sopot, Poland

What a wonderful vacation, thank to your great service. Beautiful surrounding of Turkie. Thank you very much - you are a great crew.

     Monika Tarnowska

Thank you for wonderful time. Great time, so funny and delicious. Great crew!! Every thing were perfect!!!

     Tomasz Zakrzewski, Krakow

All the trip was a delight because of your professional staff; great food, service and your constant smile :))
I am very greatfull and hopefull to be back next summer/fall with friends of mine.

      Greatfull Kinga Potocka

Thank you for this memorable trip...... no storms....... no problems etc. Polish team salutes you all!

      Janio Potocki

Thank you for this memorable experience. I love Aegean Sea and the beauty that the Turkish Coast has to offer.The Captain and the Chef are most helpful and hospitable. We really appreciate all the help. We will come back. 

Jumphot Chuasa

Thank to you both, this cruise has been a wonderful first experience on the sea in one of the most beautiful area of the world. We appreciate your way to make us happy and fully satisfied. Thank you and we hope to come back for more!

Jacques Mayer

Now, we love Turkey more than ever. Thank you all for the warmful and efficient performance. We hope to see you in Rome. Ciao


The water was beautiful and clean and you had so good food. Maybe we will meet you again and I hope that.  I enjoyed so much this week. 


The Captain of the best anchor, he knows all secrets of the nature.
Aia : A rich silence, full of surprises.
Cello :  The best smile never seen.
We love to be with you in Ariva.


27 May - 10 June 2015

The 14th voyage of the Argonauts was the best ever. Discovering the secrets of the Turkish coast is a breath taking experience - returning to our favourite hearts is even better. We will cherish happy memories of the voyage and of our wonderful crew : Gunay, Levent and Mahmut.

Big hugs from

        William and Mary

- and our thanks to the crew for a fantastic 2 weeks aboard and for giving Willim such a wonderful birthday celebration. M&M


A very enjoyable and interesting trip. Wonderful boat, captain and crew.



Another (my 3rd) wonderful time aboard Ariva 1.

       T.E.       Melissa      and Nick
       (Thank You C, L & M)


Thank you for making this holiday a real treat. I have enjoyed the scenery, swimming and the weather and last but not least the COOKING. Your kindness and attentiveness has made the trip into a wonderful experience.




My dream holiday - always great and made extra special by a very attentive crew who look after us so perfectly.

I will return !!!

Love from



An amazing wonderful few days for 6 ladies celebrating a 50th birthday!

Thank you so much to our lovely crew who looked after us so well, the 'Captain', the 'Chef' and Mahmood - we were treated like Royalty!!

The food was fabulous!

Thank you guys - we had a ball!

Love from Nickola, Sonia, Debbie, Wendy, Juliet and Carol

x x x


WOWOWOW. What a fantastic trip. It is all fading into my memory now, but I can tell you that it was one of the best vacations of my life. That is saying a lot my friend!  It was so relaxing, I am recommending it to all my friends! You know that I love Turkey. Seeing more of the remote bays and waters around Bodrum was very special. The friends and family we had on board were all thoroughly delighted with absolutely everything. From the moment we landed, till the time we went back to Genoa, the trip was perfect. It could only have been more perfect if we had stayed longer. Thank you for everything.

Ms. Laura Veglia

The best place ever to enjoy a family trip. Everything was perfect except one thing.... it was too short.
Del Palatin

Fantastic! Splandid! Wondefull! We hope to come back again.
Mr. Palatin

In 1 word " fantastic "!!!
Mr. Elias Palatin

A wonderfull trip, everything was perfect! Turkey is an amazing country!!
Ms. Camille Palatin

Great week in Kaya Guneri 2! The crew is perfect! I want to stay! Thanks.
Ms. Daphne Palatin



11th July 2014

Thank you Captain Smiling-Face. Nursel cooked superb food and Umut was useful for everything from serving raki to always making sure we were comfortable. We have had a wonderful week.
Mr. Philip Best

We really enjoyed your company! Thank you so much for your good ...... and all your smiles, your help. It was REAL holiday for me! no cooking, no washing, nothing to do!!! We'll come back!
Mrs. Catherine Best

A wonderful week, wonderful water, wonderful food, everything was great. Many thanks.
Mr. Edward Best

Thank you very much for this splendid week we have had in your company. The food was delicious and the warm hearted attitude from the crew was wonderful.
Mr. Alexander Best

Thank you for everything! And for the fishing.
Miss Victoria Best


We had the most brilliant time. The boat and crew were terrific- we were so well looked after. All transfers worked like clockwork and your colleagues phoned us three or so times to ensure we were happy with everything and knew what was going on. The Turkish coast was beautiful and the Captain found superb bays and spots to stop for swimming, snorkelling and sleeping.

We will absolutely recommend this type of holiday and I'm sure will be back again ourselves! 

Best wishes

Ms. Emma Hopkin

Wonderful time on board Ariva 1. Great service by crew & well organized trip for sightseeing, swimming & hiking. Thanks to captain, chef & Mahmut! We loved it all!
Bob Znee & Carolyn Carter Znee
Seattle, Washington, USA

Thank you for a delightful boat trip. The crew was garcious and very helpful. The food was wonderful. A true ser..... experience.
Suzanna Haggard, Harold Hureen
Seattle, Washington, USA

This is our 3rd year on a gulet but the first trip on the Tılsım 1. We have a very restful and relaxing week despite guite a lot of rain. The crew have cared for us very well. The boat is very clean and the food has been plentiful and delicious. This is very beautiful part of Turkey and we have already planning our return next year.

Family Williams

London, UK 

Thank you very much, we have enjoyed our trip on the Turquise Coast very much. You have been excellent hosts and ambassadors for your beautiful country of Turkey. The captain with his navigation skills, the cook with his excellent dishes and the overall service looking after all our needs, and of course your relaxed friendliness. Thank you again for making our first trip to Turkey so memorable. It will not be our last trip to Turkey!!!
Brian & Sandy

What a great 3 days tour! Your hospitality was beyond compare. Good luck for life.

Thank you for an excellent trip and introduction to the Turquoise coast and friendly Turkish people.
Dong Henchcliffe 

You guys are the best. Thanks so much for a fantastic luxury tour as one of the world's most beautiful places.

Thank you to the captain and Tılsım 1 crew for having us and sharing the best that Turkey's southern coves had to offer. We had an amazing time (even with the inquiries...) and hope to  see you again.
Miriam K & Devin Y

What can we say? Being on a boat in the Turkish Med is unbelievable. BUT this crew is absolute best! It made an experience something we will remember and certain recommend to our friends.
Mrs. Margaret

Amazing experience!! You all work so hard and make it incredibly special. We can not wait to do it again!! Çok Teşekur Edrim!!!
Kevin & Angela (Backroads Leaders)

It was a great trip. You did a wonderful job of looking after us. The food was spectacular with the salads being my favorite. Loved all the new experiences of the cave, water sports. Ali your humor knowledge of the area was a great asset to the trip. The cook did a great job everyday. You all work together to give us a wonderful holiday. 

Mr. Stevensen


Thank you very much captain and all the crew. You have looked after us so well and waited on us hard and fool all the time. You are all excellent-brilliant-100%. Best wishes,
Nigel Burton

A really wonderful trip, a superb boat with excellent crew. The food has been fantastic. We love had a more restful and relaxing holiday and it has been a great visiting Turkey. Thank you all for everything you have done to make it so enjoyable.
Angela &  Will

Thank you for this wonderful experience on board. We kept on thinking that this week we have been on (and in) HEAVEN!!

Maria Chiaro & Maria Luisa & Giorgio Cesaroni


Thank's to the magnific equipage of Xenos 1 and your captain for our wonderful holiday. Great cuisine!!!

Isabella, Marco, Virginia

Turin / Italy

It was so much fun! Would definitely come back again. Thank you so much for everything.

Thank you so much, had an amazing time. I will miss this you guys love.

Such a wondeful time, a fab boat with a great crew, you really look after us, every meal was such a delight. Our time on Palmyra was a fantastic experience.
Jeremy Symonds 

To "The boys of PALMYRA"  thank you for the most amazing journey. WOW! What an experience!


Chok teshekerlar, thank you, merci, danke, beautiful cruise. Sharif - you made it even better than we would imagine.
Natalia Hojny

Magical moments, spectacular scenery,  amazing hospitality, a truly wonderful week. Thank you so much for taking such special cruise of us.
Seema Alibhai
London, Pakistan, India, Zaire 


This is my third trip with the family and friends on the Yaselam!  A wonderful trip on the Turkish coast, with a great captain Mahmud and a lovely crew. I look forward to make it again and thank you for your hospitality and nice welcome.

Suzan, Jean, Lousie, Lara


First blue cruise, a memorable vacation. The crew gave us a smooth ride, even through rough times. The boat was kept sparkling clean, the food was superb and the captain took care of us with good humor and sensitivity. Thank you captain Sinan for a trip memorable experience!
Margie Freinen 

Wonderful experience and great captain. We will come back soon! Thank you so much.
Giulia & Claudia from Italy 


Xenos 2 crew, Kalimera, thank you, thank you for amazing holiday. Too much vodka - I don't like - raki me dangose. Best time, best of luck, keep well.
Queen Daughter 

You have made my 50th birthday unforgetable. It could not have been better. The cre, the boat are very special. We really enjoyed it. Galip, you are a great leader seaman and great hunter, we look forward to welcome you and your family in South Africa. We also hope to be back on the Xenos 2 again. Nazmi, your food was always fresh and wonderful. Thank you very much. Baris, you are great at your job and your smile always makes as happy. Well done. 

Pistol Party

South Africa


Fantastic trip.

Loved your boat !! Teshikur ederim.
Bill & Kristen 

Great Fun!
Paul & Julie 

Thank you for wonderful journey.

Thank you so much for all your help. Good food. Good time.
Jim & Janet 


Dear Kamil Aga friends, Thank you very much for such a wonderful holiday. We have enjoyed the trip a lot. All the places we have visited have been amazing. Once again, Turkey has been a big surprise, the colors, the weather, the food and YOU, OUR FRIENDS!! Back to our routine, we will remember and miss those days with you sailing in Kamil Aga. Sinan, you have taken us to perfect spots and Cris will always thank you for very last unexpected bath. We haven't miss any single thing in your boat. We have seen lots of ships but none was as beautiful as KAMIL AGA. We were amazed when you told us you built it. You three have been best possible crew. Again thank you so much. 

Sofia, Borja, Cris, Rodingo, Mariana, Beatrice, Guillerro, Maria


Dear Günay, Gürsel, Levent and Mahmut. The life on the boat is like a dream. Günay choosed very nice places for swim and sleep. Levent cook wonderfull lunch and dinner and Gürsel wonderfull deserts!! We go home happy beacuse we know that we will come back again. 

Giorgia Raffaella


Our four days aboard the beautiful gullet "Enderim" has been a delight from coming aboard until our sad disembarkation. The crew could not do enough to satisfy, anticipating our needs and doing everything with a smile and a good heart. The food served up by Umut was sensation all good-enjoyed with gusto by us all. All the ladies on board want to take him back with us to London. We return with happy memories of our ideal time on "Enderim" and hope to repeat a Blue Tour.
Andrew & Debbie 

Brilliant trip, excellent crew, fabulous food.
Jane & mike

Fantastic - thank you for the most amazing and delicious 4 days.
Ann & Charleo

London, UK

We had an amazing time on ARIVA 1. Thank you so much for all your help and service and also for the OCTOPUS you fished!!!!

Patricia, Alexa, Isabella, Carmen, Tom 


Captain Günay, you know the best places to moor, to fish and visit. Ahmet, we love your food. Levent+Gürsel, you are our big brothers.

Jill, Ian, Sarah, Peter, Ben, Steve, Jane,Rhiannan


Thank you crew for the beautiful cruise, friendliness, excellent kitchen and full time attention. 

Rossi & Vittoria & Francesco