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  • Necessary information is provided to all our personnel related to the transactions required within the scope of Covid-19 measures.
  • Health checks of our drivers, helpers, representatives, captains and crew in our gulets will be carried out strictly.
  • All our transfer buses used for guests will be thoroughly disinfected after every assignment.
  • All our transfer helpers and representatives will be in masks and gloves.
  • Hygiene conditions will be provided on our yachts all summer and will be regularly checked. Before each trip, our gulets will be disinfected with disinfectant products recommended by the Ministry of Health, which are not harmful to human health, but highly effective against Covid-19 virus.
  • The galleys, kitchen supplies, utensils, food/beverage tools and equipment on our yachts will be disinfected regularly as required.
  • The laundry will be washed with water over 60 degrees.
  • Each gulet in our fleet will be scheduled for a deep interior clean every 4 weeks.
Please reach out to us for any further information.

Yes, of course. Flama Tours is an A Class travel agency. We can organise land tours, guided tours, hotel bookings, etc. tailored to your needs either in Istanbul, Dardanelles, Cappadocia, Ankara, Konya, Antalya, Ephesus or Bodrum Area. You can combine a land tour before or after your gulet holiday. All will be arranged according to your needs.

Yes, Gulet holidays is a perfect way to be enjoyed by all families. Our gulets are very large and have spacious deck areas with plenty of space to play for children. Snorkelling, canoeing, fishing is just some of the activities for them to do!! Parents can enjoy themselves without any worry. 

The itinerary which would be more suitable for your expectations can be decided together. Also upon your arrival to your yacht, a Flama Tours representative meets you on board and welcome you with a fruit-champagne service followed by a full briefing upon the boat and the itinerary.  You can always decide your daily program within your itinerary with the captain everyday.

You can be sure to cruise with your own privacy. Our crew are all well trained and they have been working on our yachts for many years so they are very experienced. They know how to be respectful.

Crew members have their own separate crew quarters. They do not use the cabins. All of the cabins aboard our gulets are just for use of  our guests.

Sailing performance of our gulets is good under convenient winds. They are equipped with all sailing gears, Dacron sails, etc. As long as the route and the wind direction and force are suitable, you will be using them.

We don't do cruising during the night, unless there is an emergency situation.

Our gulets are very safe for adults and children. All of our gulets are equipped with safety equipments such as inflatable life rafts with enough capacity for crew and guests. In addition to these life rafts, there are service boats on each yacht, fire extinguishers (in the salon, in every cabin, in the engine room) and the life jackets to Solas standards, life saving rings on deck. The engine rooms are entirely covered with fire proof material for fire insulation. All of our yachts are equipped with a first aid kit. There are also signal flares. The life rafts, life jackets, fire fighting equipment and signal flares are obligatory on every single commercial yacht. No yacht can get permission to leave the harbour without these equipment anyway. All these equipment are tested and serviced by officially licensed service stations every year and then they are approved and certified by the harbour master every year. They are also checked by the Coast Guard. Our gulets are also safe for children. Our gulets have high bulwarks. A safety net can also be put on the railings around the bulwarks, if necessary. We have at least two life jackets for children on all of our gulets too. Our crew are very accustomed with parties with children. They provide a complete service to the guests with traditional Turkish  hospitality and they can look after children as well. All our crew are specially chosen for their experience and their personality. They are all internationally licensed.

There are many well equipped hospitals and clinics in the cruising area which can be easily and quickly accessed. Some of these hospitals provide helicopter or boat ambulance service too. 

Our food is based on Mediterranean type and Turkish home cooking. Our cooks are very experienced and they are capable of preparing food for special needed diets, vegeterian food, etc. on board.

Yes of course, you are welcome to bring your own drinks and alcohol with you or they can be purchased according to your wishes from supermarkets and you just pay for them at cost price only. The crew will be happy to serve you. We do not run a bar system on our gulets.

No, there are no any hiddeen costs or surcharges with our prices. All extras are clearly stated on our web site.

It is not obligatory but it is a tradition to tip the crew. If you are satisfied with the service provided, you can tip the crew. It is totaly up to your discretion. As a rough guideline, an amount beween 5-10% of your charter fee would be appropriate.

WiFi Internet access is available on most of our gulets. Please note, it is available in Turkish waters only. 

Some of our yachts have a washing machine on board. Crew are happy to wash your items if necessary on those gulets. However, you can always wash by hand if washing machine is not available. Depending how long you stay at a port, crew can also organise a laundry service too.