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Bodrum - Bodrum (Gulf of Gökova)

Bodrum is an amazing spot to start your charter from. The busy town is one of the biggest yachting centre and offers so many possibilities. There are fantastic bays in the area to discover, especially if you sail towards the gulf of Gökova.
The suggested itinerary for the Gulf of Gökova could be :
Bodrum : A lovely coastal town. Bodrum is an important tourism center in Turkey which attracts attention by reason of its natural beauties besides its history. It is a good place for shopping. The Mausoleum, the Myndos Gate and the theatre will give you an idea about the ancient city. A visit to St. John’s Castle shouldn’t also be missed which also houses now a remarkable Museum of Underwater Archaeology where finds from numerous wrecks, one is the oldest in the world, excavated along the coast are imaginatively displayed. The amphitheatre overlooking the harbour definitely worth a visit as well. The numerous cafes, bars and discos, the fancy jewellery and souvenir shops, restaurants along the coast offering both local tasty food and fresh fish will only add to your unforgettable memories in modern day Bodrum.
Karada : It is the large island lying across Bodrum. A swim in the hot spring bubbling up into a sea-cave is a wonderful experience hard to find elsewhere.
Knidos : You will anchor at the ancient commercial harbour of Knidos. It is a very impressive ancient site with a history of 3000 years. The ruins are fantastic. Although overgrown, the two theatres, streets, the temples, the agora, the city walls and gates and the two ancient harbours can be visited.
Mersincik : The cove is an idyllic little spot surrounded by steep pine-covered slopes except for the pebbly beach and flat land at its head. Very nice place for snorkeling.
Çatı Bay : It is a small land-locked cove offering protection and solitude. It is a beautiful natural bay. Very nice place for swimming and snorkeling.
Seven Islands : A chain of small islands close off the coast. Good underwater fishing around the islands. Sailing in this sea of islands is pleasant and gives you a rather different taste. The area has a wilder and more rugged aspect to it than the softer pine covered slopes further east.
Löngöz Bay : One of the important inlets in the Gulf of Gokova which is a beautiful sight. Very nice place for swimming and snorkeling.
Karacasöğüt : An enclosed bay surrounded by thick pine forest. This pine covered harbour is a place of marvelous beauty. There is a small village with several restaurants around the bay. Minibuses run into Marmaris if you feel you want to see some town life.
Sedir (Cedreae) Island : Also called Cleopatra’s Island. This is the site of the ancient city Cedreae. The sand on the island is really remarkably beautiful. There are many ruins dating from early Carian times to a few Byzantine remains on the island. Ruins of a theatre, a temple and city walls can be seen.
Tuzla Bay : A long inlet.
Çökertme : This place is surrounded by pine and olive trees. The bay is attractive and the mountains behind are impressive. The setting is spectacular with the mountains rising from the shore. There is a small village where you can see the local life.
Kistebükü : A large and fine bay. Taking a swim in its crystal clear water is a special delight.
Orak Island : It is a small bare rocky island with remarkable crystal clear water around its shores. There are two bays. An ideal place for those who like snorkeling.
This is an rough itinerary. The itinerary which would be more suitable for your expectations can be decided together and you can always decide your daily program. Upon your arrival to your yacht, a Flama Tours representative will meet you on board and you will be given a full briefing upon the yacht and the itinerary.